Steel Warriors




Metal Slug robots and vehicles fight


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Steel Warriors is a two-dimensional fighting game made with the MUGEN engine that enables you to control the robots and vehicles from the Metal Slug franchise in one-on-one combat.

The game has more than forty characters to choose from, including the classic tanks from Metal Slug as well as some of the normal cars that appear in the background from time to time. Naturally, each one has its own weapons.

In addition to the normal characters that you can choose to use in a fight against a friend playing on the same computer, in Steel Warriors you'll meet more than twenty different bosses if you decide to play the game's story mode. Some of them are the same as the enormous final bosses in Metal Slug, and they'll fill practically your entire screen.

Steel Warriors is a fun two-dimensional fighting game with an excellent two-player mode that you're sure to enjoy, not to mention its excellent one-player arcade mode for when no one is available to keep your company.
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